Art Show Venues

Whether you want to display your own art or you’re planning an art show for someone you know, one of the first things you’ll need to do is find a venue. Fortunately, Kansas City has plenty of venues for art shows to choose from. Whether you’re looking at a gallery in the Crossroads or a traditional event space in the Plaza, KC has got you covered.

And so do we. We have compiled this list of some of the best art show venues in Kansas City to help you start your search.

Where Is a Good Place to Have an Art Show?

Frankly, you can have an art show anywhere. Whatever you feel is appropriate for the show, you should be able to find the perfect place to show off your work or others’ work. That’s the cool thing about art. The openness and malleability of it means that you can truly find the best way to showcase it.

To help you start brainstorming, we’ve put together a list of some of the best art show venues in the city.


The Crossroads Arts District is undoubtedly one of the most eclectic, hippest spots in the metro. So it would only make sense that Society, a restaurant and event space in the Crossroads, would reflect that stylish, urban flair. With some indoor art installations of its own, Society understands the importance of showcasing art for everyone to see. That’s what makes it such an excellent art show venue.

Scarlet Room

Speaking of Society, its adjacent space, the Scarlet Room, is another one of the best art show venues in town. Its sleek, sophisticated atmosphere and lavish interiors could perfectly complement the art on display. Scarlet Room is also famous for its premium cocktails and the delectable dishes from Society next door. It’s a great private event space for all kinds of gatherings, and that includes art shows.

2016 Main

As its name implies, 2016 Main is an art gallery and event space located right off Main Street in downtown Kansas City. This art show venue can host up to 180 people for seated events and slightly larger parties if it’s all standing room. Its hardwood floors and marble embellishments can make the art pop with life and vivacity.

MOD Gallery & Space

This Crossroads spot is one of the top-rated art show venues in Kansas City. MOD Gallery & Space is a great stop for passersby on First Fridays, where many people come inside to view and appreciate local artwork. Sometimes, there are local musicians performing, too.

The Roaring 20 Gallery and Event LLC

On top of hosting various types of events, from weddings to corporate gatherings, the Roaring 20 Gallery and Event LLC is first and foremost an art show venue. Its website has an open call for artists and even a virtual gallery. It’s a versatile space that truly allows an artist’s work to shine in the best possible way.

Find Art Show Venues Near Me

As we’ve outlined above, the City of Fountains is home to a treasure trove of art show venues. No matter what type of art you create or the type of space you need, you can always find the perfect art show venue right here in KC. These are just a handful of some of the best the city has to offer.