The Ultimate Guide to Restaurants in Raymore, MO

You can find all of the best restaurants in Raymore, MO, right here in this list. In honor of all of us who are hungry and looking for something fresh, local and representative of Raymore and the people within it, we created this masterpiece of a list.

There are so many restaurants in Raymore, MO, that deserve to be featured and talked about, but we only can only cover so much in just one guide. So, in no particular order, here are just a few of the best restaurants Raymore has to offer:

Mexican Restaurants in Raymore

Mexico Viejo

We recommend visiting Mexico Viejo on a Sunday, Monday or Wednesday so you can take advantage of their two-for-one margarita special. They also have a huge menu, but you really can’t go wrong with anything. Flautas, tamales, enchiladas, ribeye steaks with a Mexican twist and so much more are all prepared with care and authenticity.

El Dorado Mexican Restaurant

While the Al Pastor Tacos or El Toriado are fan-favorites and house specialities, every dish at El Dorado is made fresh to order for you, so you know it’s always going to be great. Their sizzling seafood platters, steak and huge selection of authentic Mexican dishes are going to keep you coming back for more.

Brunch and Breakfast Restaurants in Raymore

The Big Biscuit

This Kansas City-area staple offers an amazing breakfast and brunch, but they also serve up some seriously good burgers, country fried chicken and more. There are options for those of us who want to be a little more health-conscious without sacrificing flavor, but it’s not really a visit to The Big Biscuit if you don’t get one of their massive cinnamon rolls.

Gregory’s Sunday Brunch & Event Space

Some of the standouts from their daily rotating menus include the chicken fried chicken, fried catfish, meatloaf and their mashed potatoes and gravy. Their Sunday brunch buffets include an omelette bar, eggs benedict, mac and cheese and more.

Asian Restaurants in Raymore

Oriental Gardens

Sometimes you want the no-fuss delivery or takeout from Oriental Gardens. Lo mein, chow mein, Szechuan chicken and a number of hearty specials are found here, all at a great price.

China Star

If you’re feeling extra-hungry, you’ll probably want to check out China Star for their big buffet! They have all the classics, like egg foo young, mooshu combinations, lo mein, kung pao shrimp or chicken and more.

American Restaurants in Raymore

Minsky’s Pizza

The Kansas City metropolitan area’s favorite pizza has a popular location in Raymore that serves high quality pizzas with a range of unusual combinations and flavors. Try their barbecue pizzas, one of their vegan or gluten-free pies, or top your favorite with fun things like sliced almonds, spicy Thai peanut sauce, sauerkraut, or whatever else your heart desires. Why not?

Tavern On The Moor

Located inside the Creekmoor Clubhouse, this is one of the more relaxing restaurants Raymore has to offer, but it has reasonable prices and the food doesn’t disappoint. Finish up a few rounds of golf and then meet up for dinner. Along with their great selection of wines by the bottle or by the glass, you can start off with a bang by ordering their firecracker shrimp before you move on to their pork tenderloin sandwich or country fried steak.

Watts Smoking BBQ

The award-winning Watts Smoking BBQ is the best restaurant in Raymore, MO, for catering traditional Kansas City barbecue. Their catering packages start out with The Sampler, which provides a half-pound per person of two meat choices: brisket (including burnt ends), pulled pork or chicken, or smoked sausage. On top of that, the included sides are their BBQ beans, adobe chipotle coleslaw, green chile mac and cheese, home-made BBQ sauce and bread.

Bobbie’s Place

This is one of those Raymore restaurants that is always packed with regulars, and it’s not surprising why. Bobbie’s is a hometown restaurant that is known for fried chicken, made-to-order burgers, big surf n’ turf dinners and friendly service.

This list is far from complete. There are certainly more Raymore restaurants worthy of exploring and saving some room for. Anyone in the Kansas City area might want to make a trip to Raymore just to visit them all! Be sure to pass on your own recommendations for can’t-miss restaurants in Raymore, MO.