The Ultimate Guide to Platte County Restaurants

If you’re looking for restaurants in Platte County, we’ve got you. The county stretches across Missouri and into the Kansas City metropolitan area. That leaves a lot of territory to cover when talking about Platte County, MO, food!

Some of the communities in Platte County may be small, but they’re certainly not lacking in local, flavorful places to eat, drink and enjoy time with loved ones. In this guide, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the true, local, community-built and -supported restaurants instead of the standard chains. Cheers to the small businesses, the people who run them and the people who love them!

There are too many Platte County restaurants to talk about in just one guide, but here we highlight a few of our locally based favorites, broken down by their respective cities within the county:

Platte City

Platte City locals will recognize these popular restaurants, and visitors will be urged to make a stop for a bite to eat. These are just a few of Platte City’s great places to eat, but they’re all full of hometown love, pride and warmth. Not to mention home cooking!

Roxanne’s Cafe

Known for their huge cinnamon rolls and fresh daily pies, Roxanne’s is the family country comfort spot that feels like home. Roxanne’s has two locations: one in Parkville and one in Platte City. Keep your eye out for Roxanne herself, roaming around the restaurant.

L.C.’s Hamburgers

Voted as one of the best hamburgers in the Northland. They have two locations in the area. Both will be sure to give you all kinds of cheesy and fried deliciousness.

Bee Creek Cafe and Bakery

This is the perfect place for early morning coffee and breakfast. They have amazing savory breakfasts that are filling without being too heavy. Don’t forget to pick up some freshly baked sweet treats, especially their cinnamon rolls.


One of the most popular getaways for the Kansas City metropolitan area, Weston is bursting with local charm and flavor. This city has an abundance of amazing restaurants, breweries and wineries — take the time to explore as many as you can while you’re here. Below, you’ll find just a small selection of what Weston has to offer.

Tin Kitchen

A beloved Weston staple, Tin Kitchen features pecan-wood-smoked barbecue meats straight from the pit. Built in 1842, the building has been lovingly restored to preserve all of its warmth and charm.

America Bowman

This place is one of Weston’s favorites. Located inside the Weston Brewing Company, America Bowman offers warm, hearty American takes on Irish food.

Avalon Café

Inside a beautiful old home, you’ll find the chef and owner, David Scott, preparing gourmet meals for you. Enjoy it on the patio with your favorite people for a perfectly peaceful (and delicious) dinner.


The city may be small, but don’t count Parkville out when it comes to places to eat. There are hidden gems here that are worth making a trip, wherever you’re at in Platte County. Here are just a couple of those standouts.

Café Des Amis

In a little upstairs bistro in a historic building, authentic French meals that are a true experience are curated by Champagne native Guillaume Hanriot. Take in a progressive dinner paired with one of the 100-plus wines and after-dinner drinks.


Since 1931, Frank’s has been providing Parkville with Italian dishes that are as beautiful as they are delicious. They offer authentic Italian fare in an upscale environment. Each dish is clearly made with a lot of care.

More Restaurants in Platte County, MO

We could spend pages talking up all the restaurants in Platte County that deserve a taste, but we know you’re hungry and ready to eat! Fortunately, you’ll never run out of great local restaurants to explore throughout Platte County and the surrounding areas. Here are a few more popular spots throughout the county that you’ll want to check out: