Kansas City October Events 2023

The leaves are beginning to change, and the air is becoming a little more crisp. You may be wondering about Kansas City and October events. We’ve got you covered.

From festivals to concerts and everything in between, here’s a complete look at October events near you.

Oktoberfest Events near me in October

Are you a fan of holy matrimony? How about sausage, pretzels, lederhosen, dirndls, Bavarian flags or beer? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, then Oktoberfest is the event for you.

Although the official Oktoberfest in Munich runs from September 17 to the first Sunday in October, there are still some local Oktoberfest events here in Kansas City coming up.

Fall Festivals and More Events in Kansas City for October 2023

It’s festival season in Kansas City, and there are all sorts of family-friendly events in October.

From the KC Foodie Fest in Overland Park, which showcases the metro’s unique artisanal food and beverage community, to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, which runs until mid-October, there are a ton of local festivals and events of October to look forward to.

Kansas City Concert Events in October

When it comes to October events in Kansas City, there are plenty of concerts you can go see.

From pop to EDM to classical and more, there are tons of October events in Kansas City.

Halloween Events in Kansas City in October

Monsters, candy and trick or treating, what’s not to love? Halloween is one of the best parts of the year, and there are plenty of Halloween events in Kansas City, MO., in October.