The Top 11 Holiday Party Venues in Kansas City

You want the best holiday party food and holiday décor in Kansas City in the most fun and beautiful settings possible— and you’ll get it all with these top 11 Kansas City holiday party venues.

For Extra Large Groups (250+)

Whether you are looking for a new venue to spice up your same tired Kansas City holiday office party, or you are searching “holiday venues near me in Kansas City” to find the perfect spot for your first, planning a large party can come with more things to consider.

These venues can accommodate a larger crowd and make your family, friend, or office holiday party ideas come to life in the Kansas City metro.

Union Station

When it comes to big Kansas City holiday parties, few places can beat Union Station. There are several small spaces that can accommodate up to 200 or so people, but the Grand Plaza can accommodate up to 2000 guests, which means even the largest holiday party will have plenty of room to spread out.

With some of the best holiday decor in Kansas City, catering services, and a variety of exhibitions that change throughout the year, Union Station has some of the best KC can offer for your large holiday office party or gathering. You can click here to see all of their event spaces.

Oliver Building

If you’re looking for a versatile, fully-private space to bring your holiday party ideas to life in Kansas City, check out the Oliver Building.

This restored building from the 1880s has three floors and can accommodate up to 600 guests. The understated decorating and exposed brick and rafters mean that this building can be your canvas for any variety of holiday parties in Kansas City. Click here to see the space.

Pinstripes Overland Park

When it comes to more active holiday parties in Kansas City, places like Dave and Busters can accommodate a larger group, but Pinstripes Overland Park is unique because it provides a more upscale event space along with bowling and bocce.

Your group can experience the competitive and casual bonding experience of playing games together but in a space that feels more comfortable and luxurious than your run-of-the-mill bowling alley or entertainment center.

While they don’t go all-out with holiday décor, they do offer a varied menu that includes options for people with dietary restrictions, and their event staff is equipped to help you host for most any event, which makes planning your Kansas City holiday party much easier.

For a Crowd (100-250)

If you’re planning a more moderately-sized event or company holiday party in Kansas City, these venues offer something unique for any holiday celebration.

Society in the Crossroads Art District

When it comes to spaces for a more moderate crowd, renting out a restaurant can be a great option.

Society in the Crossroads Art District has the best holiday décor in the Kansas City area (except maybe Union Station). The atmosphere is sleek and inviting, and between the decadent drinks and chef-curated menu, any Kansas City holiday party hosted here is sure to be filled with the magic of the season, which is why it’s our top pick as a holiday party venue in Kansas City.

Click here to get help from their friendly staff to plan your Kansas City holiday party.

Fire House KC Event Space

If you’re looking for a place with a unique history, Fire House KC can give your Kansas City holiday Christmas party a twist of vintage charm.

The restored firehouse has been updated with unique details that combine the best of new and old, and unlike many other venues, you have options for all of your vendors. So if your Kansas City holiday party theme ideas need a particular caterer, you are free to let your creativity flow.

The Fontaine Hotel

Another upscale option is the Fontaine Hotel’s Artist Foyer, which has a max capacity of 150. This space is sleek and elegant, and if you have guests coming in from out of town, being within a hotel can make holiday party planning easier for everyone. The onsite catering and West Plaza location will elevate any holiday gathering.

Medium Spaces (30-100)

Scarlet Room

If your crowd isn’t quite as large, one option is to find larger event spaces that have more intimate, separated spaces within them, like the Fontaine Hotel’s Solarium or Union Station’s KCT Board Room.

One of the best of these options is the Scarlet Room, located within Society. You will still get all of the benefits of Society—the best Kansas City holiday décor, menu, and event staff— but with the comfort and privacy that comes with renting out their exclusive event space.

Isle of Capri Casino

When the air is chilly, an indoor activity can be just the thing your Kansas City company holiday party needs—the Isle of Capri Casino hosts parties of up to 100 and has staff on hand to help you plan your event from start to finish.

The fun, relaxed atmosphere might be just what you need to unwind as a holiday host.

Wright Place Event Space

The Wright Space, in comparison to many of the other options, is more of a blank canvas. The attached kitchenette and open space can be transformed easily from event to event.

So if you have some unique work party holiday ideas for your Kansas City staff, this is another space that will allow you to dream up anything and deliver.

Prairie Highlands Golf Club

If there’s one thing you may be missing by mid-December in Kansas City, sunshine is it. The event space at Prairie Highlands Golf Club has you covered, though—the Pavilion has windows on three sides and enough room to spread out and enjoy the sunshine.

So long as you book while the sun is shining, hosting a holiday party here will feel airy and light, and this space will bring you as close to the outdoors as is comfortable when the winter is underway.

Intimate Gatherings and Casual Drinks

The Vintage House

For a small group that is craving a cozy cottage feel for their holiday party venue in Kansas City, the Vintage House in downtown Overland Park has all the charm you can imagine.

Although the space can only accommodate up to 30 people (and even that might be a little cozy!), the neutral palette indoors will mesh with most any holiday décor, and additions like hot cocoa and cookies would make any holiday get-together as warm and inviting as your grandma’s kitchen.