Wedding Venues in Kansas City

When it comes to wedding venues in Kansas City, there are plenty of options to pick from. Still, the amount of choice can almost be overwhelming. Many of them are excellent, but what if you’re looking for something more specific? We’ve got you covered.

From indoor venues to outdoor venues, you can find the perfect Kansas City wedding venue that meets all your criteria.

Best Wedding Venues in Kansas City, MO

There are plenty of great wedding locations in Kansas City, and this wide range ensures that you can find the absolute perfect fit for your vision. This is going to be the best day of your life, so you deserve to have the venue of your dreams. To get you started, here’s a general list of some of the best Kansas City, MO, wedding venues:

  • Society: Located in the Crossroads, Society offers a great city location for your big day. The Galleria Room in particular is among the most scenic, unique wedding venues in Kansas City. It’s connected to the restaurant, so you can even use Society for food and cocktails.
  • Union: This wedding venue in Kansas City is two stories, and you can use one floor for the reception and the other floor for the ceremony. There’s also an opulent speakeasy in the basement, which could be perfect for the cocktail hour.
  • The Abbott: If you’re picturing your wedding in the heart of Kansas City, then this downtown may be the spot for you. Offering gorgeous views of the city and luxurious interiors, the Abbott is one of the most well-known Kansas City, Missouri, wedding venues.

Or, perhaps you already have an idea of what you want for your venue. You just don’t know where to start looking. Below, you can find lists of various types of wedding places in Kansas City, from small, boutique venues to locations that accommodate weddings on a budget.

Indoor Wedding Venues in Kansas City

For indoor wedding venues in the Kansas City area, you’ll find that a lot of places can accommodate your preferences. Whether you’re searching for indoor venues because you’re getting married in the wintertime or you’re picturing beautiful interiors to complement the dresses and suits, you’re in luck.

Here are some of the best indoor wedding venues near Kansas City:

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Kansas City

Do you imagine marrying the love of your life surrounded by gorgeous nature and a beautiful, blue sky above you? Or do you want the floral arrangements to blend seamlessly with the venue itself? Fortunately, there are many wedding locations in Kansas City with the perfect outdoor scenery.

If you want to find the right outdoor wedding venue in Kansas City, then you can begin your search here:

All-Inclusive Wedding Venues in Kansas City

Wedding planning can get stressful very quickly. From finding the right caterer to choosing the perfect florist, arranging all the details is a lot to handle. For that reason, maybe you want to look for an all-inclusive Kansas City wedding venue. The City of Fountains has plenty of them.

This list of all-inclusive wedding venues in the Kansas City area is the perfect place to start:

Budget-Friendly Wedding Venues in Kansas City

Weddings can get pricey, and watching the estimated cost rise with each service can be overwhelming. But, there are some wedding venues in Kansas City that offer a budget-friendly alternative. This is supposed to be the best day of your life, not the most stressful.

To mitigate that stress, you can find a budget-friendly Kansas City wedding venue. Here are some options to consider:

Small Wedding Venues in Kansas City

Sharing an intimate night with family and friends could be important to you. One way to make the evening even more special is by finding a small wedding venue in Kansas City where it feels like a close-knit gathering with loved ones.

These small wedding venues in Kansas City, MO, can help you realize the exact vision you have in mind:

No matter what type of wedding you want to have, you can make all your wedding wishes come true right here in Kansas City. Although there are lots of wedding venues in Kansas City to choose from, hopefully this list gave you a better idea of what your vision is.

4 FAQs about Wedding Venues in Kansas City

Still, you might have some other related questions about Kansas City, MO, wedding venues. Whether that’s about the average cost or what day is best to book a venue, we’re here to help.

1. How Much Does an Average Wedding Cost in Kansas City?

The average cost of a wedding in Kansas City is around $28,000, according to data aggregator Wedding Report. Keep in mind that, partly depending on the Kansas City wedding venue you choose, your total cost could be lower or higher than this.

2. What Is the Cheapest Day to Book a Wedding Venue?

Saturdays are more popular to book a wedding venue in Kansas City (and in general), so weekdays are much cheaper. A Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday wedding can be much less expensive. Some wedding venues in Kansas City might have discounts for weekday weddings, too.

3. Is It Worth It to Pay for a Wedding Planner?

Although hiring a wedding planner can be pricey, it may end up cutting costs in the long run. They can help you find the best wedding venues in the Kansas City area that meet your needs and preferences. It can also take a lot of stress off your plate.

4. How Long Before a Wedding Should You Book a Venue?

From a general standpoint, you should try to book a Kansas City wedding venue anywhere from nine months to a year from the date. You want to make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to get all the details sorted out. This way, you won’t feel as rushed.


Hopefully, this guide to wedding venues in Kansas City gave you the inspiration you needed. You deserve to have the best day of your life. Getting it all arranged can be difficult, but it’ll be worth it when the big day is finally here.